• YZF R1 - 2015 by KZ

    PLUG & RUN

    Fairings ready to assemble...

  • YZF R6 - 2008-16 by KZ

    Tinted in mass

    RAL colors, manufacturers colors, and even multi-tone, there will be no limit to your customization

  • Creations by KZ

    Creation of Parts...

    That you won't find anywhere else.

  • KZ Access

    And also Accessories!!

    Find the essentials and our new products directly as options in the Packs!!

  • welcome

    Kz specializes in the manufacture of racing fairings for motorcycles, ensuring you a quality without comparison. Our requirement, already approved by our partners, pushes us to propose products, ready to assemble, requiring no finishing work on your part. It is therefore logical that we offer the possibility to customize the color of each part of your set.

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  • Ludovic RIZZA

    Ludovic RIZZA

  • Occit'Endurance