Dashboard Pack Yamaha YZF R6 2006-16 Look 2017 (Recommended for a 1st equipment)

Availability:This product will be produced at the same time as the pack of which it is part, in the color and with the finishes selected in the pack.

New product


Info :

Product sheet for option selection in the packs, cannot be used alone. For more information and variations of this product, please refer to the sheet of the same product in the appropriate categories (retail parts, packs, etc.)

This product, if selected, will be produced with the same finishes previously selected in the pack in which it is located.

Product recommended for 1st equipment with our fairings, unless you have a 2017 generation dashboard.

Kit is composed of :
  • Dashboard support
  • Airbox
MaterialComposite Materials
ModelYZF R6 2017
InformationsReady to be mounted.

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